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Sea class (1)

by Sainte Croisine
What a beautiful first day! We invested our neighborhoods in the morning and rediscovered the colo: that we are in Langlade! This afternoon, we started the nautical activities. The team "puffins dune" embarked on the puffin, precisely! The brave ones tried themselves to the navigation despite a wind a little sustained which made tilt well the boat. A good scare for some, while others have brilliantly taken the helm. The "Duplicate Hunters" team left for a kayak session on the side of the cove at Ross. Sports session: we had to row hard to fight against the wind! Many sailors were able to taste the water (5 ° at the moment), others were stranded in the seaweed ... but everyone came home delighted and proud of his feat! "The Saint-Pierrais" remained on the ground today: walk to the bottom of the government cove, prisoner ball and swim in the Belle River to finish! After the snack, everyone wrote a travel diary, just to keep track of this wonderful day. See you tomorrow!