Class of sea (4)

by Sainte Croisine

What a beautiful day ! This morning our boatmen were able to choose their activity according to their preferences. Some have found the kayaks and the Belle River: lots of balance games, descent rapids with a sail. Others have perfected the puffin maneuver: hold the rudder and stay on course, adjust the mizzen or the jib.

The last team took advantage of a zodiac exit to pass under the pierced cape, to observe the guillemots, the gannets, and to raise the lockers. Fishing of the day: some crabs, a hermit crab and a toad. No lobster.

This afternoon, we all donned our combi: bathing at the sea (brrrrrr) and then at the Belle River. We ended this week of nautical activities cheerfully.

At the end of the afternoon, we continued our learning of nautical charts. We found the place where is the wreck of a schooner (the Union) by using a rule Cras and a compass!

Tonight we organized a big hide and seek once it was dark; everyone really enjoyed themselves! Tomorrow is the storage and then back home, the week has really passed quickly. A big thank you to the sailing instructors Thomas, Mathieu and Joani for their great work and energy!