Discovery Class at Langlade – Class of Mr. Toth (2)

by Sainte Croisine

his new day in Langlade was sunny from start to finish! Indeed, the sun was present when we woke up and did not leave us.

This morning, after a good breakfast, we analyzed the result of our fishing yesterday at the pond and in the Belle-Rivière. We observed, recognized and classified the different insects harvested. Then, a work was carried out around the identification of the different stages of the cycle of life of the dragonfly.

In the afternoon, after a meal that was still very popular, a game was organized around the food chain, it was great!

We have a great time, everyone is fine and goes to sleep very quickly at night!

We will give you more details about our adventures when we return home!

See you tomorrow !

PS: Due to the weather conditions announced, the return can not be done as originally announced. Listen to the announcements Wednesday morning on the radio for more details.