Dear Parents,

The school year is just over, and we must look ahead to the next school year.

The educational organization of the school at the beginning of the next school year will be the following one:

– 3 CE2 classes whose teachers will be: Mrs Line Poitras, Mrs MaĆ«lle Derouet, Mrs Carine Cormier (and Mrs Julie Garzoni two afternoons a week)

– 3 classes of CM1 whose teachers will be: Delphine Lepape, Michel Toth and Marion Thillais

– 2 classes of CM2 whose teachers will be: Mrs. Nathalie Claireaux and Mrs. Cynthia Kerzerho

In order to help you organize your child’s return in the best conditions, you can find below the lists of school supplies expected at the beginning of the next school year. These will also be available in the paper mills of the archipelago.

Happy summer holidays!

  • CE2 Carine Cormier supply list 2016-2017
  • CE2 Line Poitras 2016-2017 supply list
  • list of supplies CE2 Maelle Derouet 2016-2017
  • supply list CM1 Marion Thillais 2016-2017
  • CM1 supply list Delphine Lepape 2016-2017
  • supply list CM1 Michel Toth 2016-2017
  • CM2 supply list Cynthia Kerzerho 2016-2017
  • supply list CM2 Nathalie Claireaux 2016-2017