Sea class (3)

by Sainte Croisine

This morning, the team “Saint-Pierrais” sailed on the puffin. Our sailors had fun in the government’s cove, while the “duplicate hunters” proved themselves by kayak. “The puffins of the dune” found themselves in the plain of the three fir trees for a beautiful part of customs-smugglers!

The afternoon was somewhat disturbed by the weather: the zodiac exit came to a halt, the children retreated to the colo for other activities. “Les Saint-Pierrais” happily found the kayaks despite the showers, but the pouring rain and the gusts of wind got the better of them after an hour!

In the evening, evenings are pleasant: tales, discoveries of constellations, history of cartography, reading of nautical charts or treasure hunt. We have little time to get bored! More pictures tomorrow!